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Book French Trips to Enhance Learning Experience

price-french-trip-studentsSchool trips are a highly important aspect of school life, especially for French language students. They provide a huge number of benefits to both students and teachers and can help to boost students’ grades as well as increase their motivation in class. Travel helps to open the minds of young people, and they’ll develop not only French language skills but skills that they can use in many different areas in life.

Students do not all find it easy to learn in the same way, yet when they are in the classroom they spend most of their time learning by reading and listening. This means students who find it easier to learn by doing and experiencing things for themselves will struggle to pick things up in class. A school trip will give them the chance to learn in the way in which they feel most comfortable and will help them to pick up the things they couldn’t before so that they return to the classroom with a better understanding.

france tripFor French language students, trips are important because they give them a chance to be completely immersed in the language and to develop their conversational skills. In the classroom, if a student is struggling with a phrase or can’t remember a word, they can communicate in English with their teacher or classmates. There isn’t a sense of urgency because they know that they will be understood in their own language. On an immersion trip, they will have to use the French language to communicate with the locals and to purchase items, order food and drinks and ask for help. This will help them to get used to conversing in the language and remembering their vocabulary, and to become more fluent.

By talking to native French speakers, students will not only be able to work on their own abilities but they’ll also be able to pick up new words and phrases and they’ll make improvements on their accents. The trip will allow them to shape their French so that they can be understood properly by other French speakers and not just by their teacher and classmates.

france trip learningFrench trips for students can also be highly beneficial for teachers because they give them a break from being in charge, as you will most likely be following a tour guide or splitting up if you’re having free time, and there will be multiple members of staff accompanying you. This gives teachers a great chance to learn more about their students and find out what each individual’s abilities and learning preferences are, because they won’t have an entire class to focus on. This could help them when they get back in the classroom because they will be able to tailor their lessons to suit students’ needs and interests.

If you want to enhance your students’ learning experience, look into French trips for students as they will not only aid you in teaching them but they will also provide both you and your class with a break from the monotony of the classroom and a chance to relax and create some fun memories to look back on.


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