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Lola Kenya Screen 2014 Excites Participant

By Celestine Msake Oburu, 15, Nairobi, Kenya

celestine msake oburuThe highlights of my adventure at the 9th annual Lola Kenya Screen festival included the cinematography training, the visit to Nairobi National Museum, Maendeleo House and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

I learnt important lessons in the case of white balancing and the rules of filming during the cinematography workshop from which I also directed a film.

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Galleries of Nairobi National Museum are divided into sections such as great wall of mammals, evolution of human beings, and bird and art galleries.

At the great hall of mammals I saw the differential ratio of past mammals compared to the ones today. The mammals of today are said to be weaker compared to those in the past and indeed I saw an image of a very big elephant at the museum. We also saw different arts at the art gallery which made it easier to explain the rules of cinematography and taking of photos.

At the bird gallery, I saw the Hammercock (the world’s largest bird) and Kori Bustard (the world’s heaviest bird). I also came to be acquainted with participants from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya while on this tour that took at least three hours.

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nairobi national museum's largest elephantIt was my first time at Goethe-Institut in Maendeleo House that is located within the Nairobi CBD. It was my first time there though I am Kenyan. There we took our first lesson in cinematography. Though we went there only once we learnt a lot of things and also we met the alumni of Lola Kenya Screen who gave us a lot of information on the activities we were going to be involved in for the entire week.

We later went to KBC on the fourth day of the festival. This tour made us more acquainted with the practice of cameras, filming and broadcasting. This was a very interesting activity.

Honestly I had a lot of fun and I thank the organisers, sponsors and mentors who took us through the training. I learnt a lot of what I am expecting to do after my final examinations at the university.

important bird areas of kenyaThe teachers were very kind and easily understandable. Though I am easily misunderstood I appreciate the love given to me by each one of them. I even got the chance to direct a film called FAREWELL during the training.

Lola Kenya Screen’s director Ogova Ondego helped us children by providing us with almost everything we required throughout the festival. I truly thank him and take him not just as as a teacher and leader but also as a father.

I know its very expensive but we’d really appreciate it if the festival time were extended. This would ensure a better understanding of what we are being taught and time to emphasize on cinematography as an art and a science.

Though I miss everyone, I hope we shall meet again next time. I sincerely thank you all.

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