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Lola Kenya Screen Inspires Me into pursuing Public Relations Career

By Leah Amani Loreni

Leah Amani Loreni, Public Relations Intern, Lola Kenya ScreenWhen I joined Lola Kenya Screen in April 2015 as a Public Relations Intern having studied Journalism/Mass Communication, I almost lost hope as it appeared like I was taking rather long in mastering the craft of writing proposals, having taken only a single unit in PR in college. However, through guidance from my supervisor, I managed to learn how to write not just proposals but also persuasive communication in general.

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During my four-month internship programme that ended on August 4, 2015 I had managed to draft five proposals on the various programmes–School Outreach, Community Mobile Cinema, Film Forum, Skills-Development, Movie Festival–that Lola Kenya Screen undertakes throughout the year.

Leah Loreni, left, with ArtMatters.Info writer Daisy Nandeche Okoti during the 88th Lola Kenya Screen film forum at Goethe-Institut on 27.07.15I also participated in the planning of the monthly Lola Kenya Screen film forum, in previewing the films to be screened and discussed and also served as a Public Relations Assistant during the events over the entire period of my internship.

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This internship enabled me to not just discover my strengths but also my weaknesses as well: I gained new knowledge and skills; I got new insights and also the motivation to pursue a career in Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

Lola Kenya Screen offers 8-16-week internship to final year university students in Media and Information Literacy, Creative writing, Cultural Journalism, Critical Appreciation of Creativity, Event Planning and Presentation, Movie Production, Graphic Design and Website Development.Eligible are students of Media, Information, Communication, Journalism, Mass Communication, TV/Video Production, Visual Communication, Advertising, Literature and related areas.

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