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Passionate Burundian Trains in Cinematography in Kenya

tara rukohoza, bujumburaHello. My name is Tara Rukohoza and I’m 12 years old.

The first born child of my parents, I am in grade 8 at a public school in Bujumbura.

I am passionate about art, technology, music and movies because of the way film stories can inspire lives.

I have been lucky to travel with my parents and to discover many nice countries.

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I am interested in meeting famous actors and filmmakers and to learn from them so that we in Burundi may showcase our talent to the world too.

Though I am fluent in Kirundi, French and English, I am also always interested in learning other languages.

Because I like watching movies and listening to music from East Africa on the African channels, I see that my country needs to work a lot harder to be developed like others.

A few years ago I was selected to participate in a movie done by young Burundians called “the thief, le voleur” and it was very nice.

I look forward to meeting many people from East Africa and learning from them about cinema during this training. Thank you for choosing me to be part of this 9th Lola Kenya Screen’s training in cinematography for children and youth in East Africa! God bless the team!

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