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cinema in non-conventional spaceWhat is Lola Kenya Screen?

Lola Kenya Screen is a non-profit, non-aligned, non-sectarian organisation operating on humanist principles.

What role does Lola Kenya Screen play in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Lola Kenya Screen is a global movement that uses appropriate and available technologies to deliver mass (specifically audiovisual) media content that complements, enhances, entertains and promotes learning among the generation of today and tomorrow—children and youth—in the promotion of literacy, gender equity, independent thought, human rights, environmental responsibility and global health.

Where does Lola Kenya Screen get ‘Operational Resources’?

Lola Kenya Screen, that neither owns property nor share capital, relies on donations, grants and gifts from society to meet its aims and objectives. No amount of donation is too small.

Would you like to partner with Lola Kenya Screen?

Please contact us to learn how to participate in this vision for our children and youth today; help us to serve the community with your donation. Remember, no amount of money is too small at Lola Kenya Screen. You may contribute via mobile money, Paypal, or direct bank transfer or deposit.

What does Lola Kenya Screen need most URGENTLY?

a) Financial donations
b) Skilled Volunteers

c) Donation of new or used film equipment.

Proceedings during 92nd monthly Lola Kenya Screen film forum in NairobiWhat Are Lola Kenya Screen’s Objectives?

    • To build a sustainable audience for moving images in Kenya, eastern Africa, and Africa as a whole
    • To encourage culturally-relevant, audience-sensitive films, preferably in local languages
    • To establish a film resource centre to benefit students, scholars, researchers, journalists and other seekers of information
    • To acquire basic shooting, editing and projection equipment in order to build a pool from which filmmakers can access means of production
    • To work with national and international partners in training young audiovisual media talents in eastern Africa
    • To produce at least five high-quality, low-budget short films per year through training workshops
    • To hold monthly film forums for players in the filmmaking sector through which to exchange ideas and network with a view to developing better quality audiovisual media content and practitioners

To continue to improve on the ongoing trend of growing numbers of participants and visitors.

emmanuel emasealuWhat Does Lola Kenya Screen do?

Organising practical, hands-on, learn-as-you-do mentorship programmes through which we explore, identify, nurture and flaunt creative talent among children and youth in cultural journalism, video production, media and information literacy, arts appreciation, and event presentation.Participants equipped with the skills to understand, appreciate, and create quality media and information products.

While video production empowers children and youth to make high quality, low budget moving images annually, cultural journalism seeks to uplift the standards of creative and cultural journalism in eastern Africa. vent organisation empowers participants to prepare and present events and programmes professionally. Arts appreciation, on the other hand, inculcates in the participant the skills with which to critically appreciate and appraise creativity.What programmes

What programmes does Lola Kenya Screen present?

  • Annual media arts festival which consists of six exhilarating days of film screening, film competition, live performance (theatre, music and dance), visual and literary art and talent exhibitions. Awards are granted to winning entries
  • Quarterly internship for final year university students
  • Monthly film forum where filmmakers, students, actors and many other stakeholders in the audiovisual media sector come together to watch a local film and participate in an open discussion as to how the film relates to filmmaking in eastern Africa.
  • Weekly school outreach
  • Fortnightly neighbourhood mobile cinema to empower children, youth and family through media literacy.

Call for Partnership
Lola Kenya Screen is open to partnership with individuals and organisations from any part of the world.

festivalWon’t You Support Lola Kenya Screen?
Please write to director(at)lolakenyascreen(dot)org or call 254 722 486531, 254 733 703374 should you be interested in partnering with us. May we count on your support?

Very sincerely,
Ogova Ondego
Managing Trustee/Creative Director

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  1. Am a Mass Communication student from Multimedia University of Kenya, 3rd 2nd semester doing a bachelors degree in mass communication and i woul love to work as an intern at Lola screen..please help me on how i’ll achive that.

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