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Lola Kenya Screen’s Internship Lands Youth Media Job

By Harry Kiplagat Yegon

Harry Yegon's camcorder at work, lola kenya screen film forumI can now proudly say that I am a fully equipped media practitioner after going through a four-month internship in video production at Lola Kenya Screen. Prior to this experience that fully equipped me to effectively put in practice what I had theoretically studied in college, I could not have claimed to have been a media practitioner though I held a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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During my 16-week internship at Lola Kenya Screen I managed to complete at least 90 per cent of the work given to me. This was such a great achievement for me. I was also exposed to other areas like film criticism, media and information literacy and talent and event management. I have now graduated from an assembly line technical producer to a creative one.

Harry Kiplagat Yegon, Video Production Intern, From Technician to Artist, Lola Kenya Screen Internship, Nairobi, April-August 2015Upon completion of the internship I applied for the position of a Video production and editing officer and was invited for an interview alongside 50 other applicants I later learnt were university graduates. I emerged as the only successful candidate and I was offered a job. I now look forward to a very successful career in journalism.

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In my free time I plan to offer support services to Lola Kenya Screen as they gave me a chance to hone my skills. Lola Kenya Screen had offered to retain me after my internship due to my exemplary performance.

Lola Kenya Screen film in session, videographer harry yegon and mc/reporter daisy okoti at work, goethe-institut, nairobi, kenya, 27 july 2015I . . . thank the Lola Kenya Screen managing trustee and the creative director for holding my hand through the internship period especially during the times when I felt overwhelmed with work.

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I encourage the management of Lola Kenya Screen to come up with a television channel to produce and air cultural stories from eastern Africa through which video production interns could showcase their talents. This will further expand the screening avenues beyond the current weekly school outreach, fortnightly mobile cinema, monthly film forum and annual film festival.

Harry Kiplagat Yegon is a former Video Production Intern at Lola Kenya Screen that  offers 8-16-week internship to final year university students in Media and Information Literacy, Creative writing, Cultural Journalism, Critical Appreciation of Creativity, Event Planning and Presentation, Movie Production, Graphic Design and Website Development.Eligible are students of Media, Information, Communication, Journalism, Mass Communication, TV/Video Production, Visual Communication, Advertising, Literature and related areas.


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