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My Perfect Week at Lola Kenya Screen

By Josephine Hatangimana, 11, Bujumbura, Burundi

josephine hatangimana, burundi, filmmaking workshop,lola kenya screen 2014Though I was born in Nairobi and lived there for a while before my parents returned to Bujumbura, I was excited when I was selected from Burundi to participate in a filmmaking workshop organised by Lola Kenya Screen, East African Film Network, East African Community and German Agency for International Development in Nairobi December 6-12, 2014.

burundian josephine hatangimana at 9th lola kenya screen When our delegation of three children and a chaperone landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, a Lola Kenya Screen vehicle was waiting to pick us up and take us to our hotel. Nairobi felt colder than I could remember, especially at night. I couldn’t believe how much the city of my birth had changed so fast.

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It was only after the vehicle stopped in front of Nairobi Safari Club on University Way and we were ushered into the foyer of the hotel that I realised it was one of the most prestigious, if not most expensive, hotel in Nairobi. But the best part of our seven-day was yet to come.

I loved the hotel. I had lots of fun with friends from the East African Community. I loved the swimming pool. We enjoyed swimming and had lots of fun here. I hope many more children would love to have as much fun as we did during the festival. thank you so much.

In the course of my visit I had a great time getting to know my colleagues from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi and learning about their countries and cultures.

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During our first engagement, the tour of Nairobi National Museum, I learnt many things, including the history of Kenya, beautiful birds and insects. I also visited the studios of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and acquainted myself with TV production and broadcasting. I saw how they prepare broadcast programmes, including news bulletins and learnt that there are lots of different lights with different sets in one huge room.

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josephine hatangimana actinmg in a film at 9th lola kenya screenBefore coming to Kenya,I had expected that we would have fun; a bit of shopping here, play station there, and also sports and hanging out with friends.

I thank Ogova Ondego , the director of Lola Kenya Screen, with the partners of Lola Kenya Screen for booking us into a beautiful hotel, for taking us on tour of interesting places, for inviting us to Kenya and for personally picking us up from the airport and dropping us back there for our return flight to Burundi.

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I give special thanks to teachers Akpor Otebele and Emmanuel Emasealu, their assistant and film directors for what they did in making our time in Nairobi so enjoyable.
Thank you very much Ogova Ondego for all the effort you put in the organisation to make the whole week perfect. Thanks to you and to Lola Kenya Screen, I had the chance to not only travel to Kenya but to also learn and make friends.


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