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Seven Tips to Enable You Excel in Recreational Sports

By Abdi Ali
Published August 29, 2017

Team Tri Fit Kenya has organised the 2nd Kericho Duathlon, Triathlon and Cross-Country Challenge.It is race time in Kenya, the home of world-beating track athletics champions.

Have you registered for the 2nd Kericho Triathlon, Duathlon and Cross-Country Challenge scheduled for September 3, 2017 at Chesumot Tea Estate from 8:00 AM?

Participation fee for individuals is Sh3000 and teams pay Sh5000 for the triathlon and duathlon; the cross-country run is charged at Sh500.

Apart from registration and participation fee, you need to be fit and ready for the event.

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Team Tri Fit Kenya, the organisers of the event, provide the following tips to assist you along not just for their Kericho event but any other endurance sport you may want to participate in:How and where to register for the Kericho Duathlon, Triathlon and Cross-Country Challenge.

  • Get ample sleep
    Seven to eight hour sleep is ideal for your body to recover
  • Fuel your body
    Eat three nutritious meals a day with snacks in between. Remember the objective is to fuel your body not over eat.
  • Test your off-road skills
    Pick your bike and running shoes and hit the trails at one of the forests around you. This will give you a glimpse of what to expect in regards to single trails, bushes and riding between trees. Ensure you service your bike early.

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  • Arrive a day early
    TTF will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the route a day before the race.
  • Taper off
    Reduce your mileage and intensity as you get closer to the event to avoid wearing out your body. This is best done a week to the event.
  • Rehearse
    Go through the event in your head. Envision your transitions, breathing and all other activities. This will help you relax when the day comes.

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  • Pack all your gear aside as follows: Swim cap, swimming goggles, swimsuit/tri-suit, MTB Bike, Helmet, Cleats/Running Shoes, Water bottles, Energy Bars, Hat and running shoes.

Chesumot Tea Estate in Kericho is the venue of the Kericho Recreational Sports Challenge.

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Adapted from Team Tri Fit Kenya newsletter


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