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9th Lola Kenya Screen Cinematography Workshop Call for Participants

lola kenya screen's home, nairobi central business district, aug2009We invite interested children and youth aged 11-16 years in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to apply for participation in our Cinematography workshop to be held at Goethe-Institut, Nairobi, Kenya, December 7-12, 2014.

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We shall select three participants from each East African Community Partner State–Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Applications, addressed to the respective East African Film Network’s Country Representative—Burundi: Papy Jamaica Ndikumana; Kenya: Ogova Ondego; Rwanda: Bintresor Senga; Tanzania: Mary Birdi; Uganda: Phad Mutumba—with copies to eastafricanfilmnetwork(at)gmail(dot)com and director(at)lolakenyascreen(dot)org, must be sent in by November 17, 2014.

Complete applications must include:
• A short cover letter introducing yourself: who you are, what film projects you have been involved in, and how you    think the workshop could be helpful to you
• A 1000-word essay on the ideas you have for East Africa integration
• A letter from your parent or guardian permitting you to participate in the workshop.

9th lola kenya staff welcome you to nairobi!Filmmaking, being one of the most popular art forms among modern children and youth, demands that this generation of today and tomorrow  be equipped with relevant skills to practise it professionally. Hence the need to hold this workshop that looks at how cinematography—camera techniques, lighting, sound and editing—support other elements of filmmaking to produce high quality content.

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The aesthetics of filmmaking not only inform but often define the success and appeal of many successful films as contemporary audiences have been primed to expect high quality image and sound quality. It is the technical quality that sets one’s film apart and can secure one access and audience in the film sector.

Like all our mentorships, this Cinematography workshop that is offered in collaboration with East African Film Network (EAFN), East African Community (EAC) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), is an intensive hands-on, learn-as-you-do beginner level master class aimed at equipping participants with the skills to focus better, take better footage, complete with better camera-angle techniques, better lighting and better sound quality that will in turn result in better works in its post-production stage. This will also enhance their skills and elevate their career in the fledgling East African film sector and thus help in the realisation of the dream of a united and prosperous EAC region.

The trainers will take the participants through practical skills using selected scenes in scripts to explore and expand their cinematography capabilities through rigorous exercises based on scripts touching on East African cultural identity and integration. Their works will be edited and screened during our festival and also tour other festivals across East Africa and the world.

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Participants will not only explore the role of the cinematographer and fundamental lessons of cinematography through an artistically rigorous process that offers them indispensable lessons in the craft of cinematography as well as the means to explore socio-cultural integration ideas and networking in the East African Community region, but will also focus on camera handling and shooting techniques geared towards ‘professional’ rather than ‘amateur’ cinematography practice.

don bosco boys' schoolMore about Us
Lola Kenya Screen, an audiovisual media festival, skills-development programme and marketing platform for children and youth in eastern Africa, is Africa’s first audiovisual media initiative SPECIFICALLY and EXCLUSIVELY designed for children and youth.

Through a weekly school outreach programme, a fortnightly community mobile cinema, a monthly film forum, a quarterly internship programme, an annual film festival and on-demand media and information literacy programme,this initiative that is incorporated as a charity or a limited liability company by guarantee,is focused on audiovisual media 365/366 days a year.


The centre-piece of Lola Kenya Screen–a member of a global community of media practitioners and educators that promotes excellence in cinema for children and youth as well as equipping children to create content for children–is the practical, hands-on, ‘learn-as-you-do’ mentorship programmes through which we explore, identify, nurture and flaunt creative talent among children and youth in filmmaking, creative writing, cultural journalism, critical appreciation, organisation and presentation of events, and media literacy.

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lola kenya screen's children in photographyThe objective of these mentorship programmes is to equip participants with the skills to understand, appreciate, conceive and create high quality audiovisual media productions in particular and creative and cultural products in general.

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Email: director(at)lolakenyascreen(dot)org
Cell: 254 733 703374, 254 722 486531
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