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Lola Kenya Screen Hosts Evening of Short Films

Ian Kithinji's INDULGE ME film posterA group of young filmmakers who have set their focus on producing a short film every month, shall have their work screened and discussed on 29.08.16 during the 95th monthly Lola Kenya Screen film forum in Nairobi.

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The films lined up for screening by the team known as Mizani (Weights or Ryhmes in Kiswahili) and Hamba are a relationship drama by Ian Kithinji titled INDULGE ME; a comedy co-directed by Ian Kithinji and Henry Mutisya titled ROLEX; a Henry Mutisya film called ARE YOU HAPPY? that revolves around a man whose happiness lies in women; and HAPPY VALENTINES, a film by Tyler Martindale that looks at the relationship of a woman who is obsessed with romances as depicted in popular soap operas.

The team of filmmakers that draws membership from various media schools in Nairobi and its environs was born in November 2013 in order to participate in a moviemaking contest that pushes filmmakers to the limit by having them create a short film in two days from scripting to distribution.

Ian Kithinji with the dummy cheque after his film, INDULGE ME, won the overall Machakosfest Film Competitionprize. On the extreme right is Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua.RELATED:Why Lola Kenya Children’s Screen Exists!

ROLEX was the movie they made during that 48 Hour Film project; it earned Elsaphan Njora the Best Male Actor award.

Christine Kasiva, one of the leaders of the group, says the group kept together even after the 48 Hour project ended.

The main cast and crew of INDULGE ME blocking a sceneWe decided to keep on making high quality short films for both local and international audiences. Each one of us took up various roles with the hope of getting multi-skilled in the process of moviemaking.”

She says that though many of them work five days a week, they continue to meet and make films.

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Their film, INDULGE ME, participated in a film contest known as Machakosfest Film Competition. It emerged the overall winner in this Machakos County Government-organised competition in 2015. Machakos, on the outskirts of Nairobi in eastern region, is one of 47 administrative areas known as counties in Kenya.

The group operates as Mizani and Hamba Production and now comprises 30 members.


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